Finding the Right Parts for your Polaris

Trying to find the right Polaris parts for your vehicle can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. We have put together this guide to help you confidently purchase the correct parts for your Polaris. 

Polaris Electronic Parts Catalogue

The Polaris Electronic Parts Catalogue is a great tool that can be used to help you confidently find the correct parts for your Polaris. All you need to know is the model-year and model of your Polaris and the part you are looking for. 

How to use the Polaris Electronic Parts Catalogue

Once you open up the parts catalogue you will see a search function at the top of the page. Here you will need to select the product line, year, and model of your Polaris from the drop down lists. 

Note: The product line of your Poalris will be one of the following: 

  • RZR = RZR
  • PRO XD = COM

Once you have selected the correct details for your Polaris a full list of parts and part diagrams will be displayed. 

Browse the diagrams, or simply use the search function, until you find the part(s) you are looking for. All part numbers and part descriptions are displayed on the right hand side of the diagram. 

Once you have located the correct part number(s), type the part number into the search bar of our website (using no dashes, spaces or symbols). 


I don’t know what year or model my vehicle is, what do I do?

Simply contact us with your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and we can track down the correct details for you. If you contact us during business hours we can usually do this for you right away.

How do I find the VIN of my Polaris?

Details of how to locate the VIN of your Polaris can be found here.

The part I need didn’t show up on your website, what do I do? 

If your part did not show up on our website, chances are it may not have been uploaded to our site yet or it may have been superseded. Please contact us with your part number(s) so we can quote price and availability for you.

Are you still unsure?

If this page hasn’t completely answered your questions, please get in touch with us. Contact us.


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